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Address: 408-7, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone Number: 02-6014-0861
Cuisine: Cafe, Dessert
Price Range: Less than 10,000 Won
Parking: Paid Parking
Business Hours: Sun-Thu: 13:00 - 23:00
Fri-Sat: 13:30 - 01:00

Sobok's reviews (238)

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    Every green tea lover needs to get on this asap. It was a little powdery but besides that this green tea ice cream was so good and surprisingly really filling.

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    Left a couple of reviews before, but here's another one in honor of their newest addition (~*$tR@Wb€rRy*~). I stuck with their tried-and-true original flavor, but my friend tried their new flavor. Sad face cuz it replaced the green tea ice cream, but for people who like strawberry everything, I think they'll be big fans. Personally wasn't so into the actual strawberry ice cream; it just tasted like run-of-the-mill strawberry ice cream - you know, like Breyer's except less artificial - but palpably without the nutty, "gosohan" layer that makes Sobok what it is. But my friend liked it, so to each their/ his/ her own. Plus the colors are simply gorgeous, and it's all about the pictures HA (no not really; kids, real talk: it's not always about the pictures). Original flavor was URGH so good per usual <3

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    5 2

    The finally decided to visit here after passing through this shop for countless time. I love their sobok ice-cream. It has pumpkin seed, cheery dried fruits and I think there is a ddeok in it. Their ice-cream taste "healthy" which I'm guessing it contains all the healthy ingredients such as almond/soy milk instead of other dairy products maybe(I'm not sure but definitely has no hint of dairy taste) This place is always packed and you can come here solo or with friends. I wouldn't recommend this place to chill with friends when it's pack. It's better to have to-go instead of sitting and eating here. Of course, the guy at the cashier was cute too Oh well a girl need to feed her mouth as well as her eyes too

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    47 15

    The most unique and "Korean" ice cream flavor out of all the brands popping up in the city. Design and vibe of the store is beautiful and delicious too. Great to bring your foreigner/visitor friends.

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    this japan style sweet is really perfect.i love green tea favor,so i chose the green tea one.It has soft ice cream, ice cream ball ,sweet pumpkin,mini mochi,maybe caramel...really miss it

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