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Restaurant detailed information
Address: 93-113, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone Number: 070-8236-9138
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: 10,000 ~ 20,000 Won
Parking: No Parking Space
Business Hours: 11:30 - 21:00
Break Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Day Off: Mon, Last Tue

Mum Aroy's reviews (75)

  • Tasty
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    131 143

    Back after what seems but a millisecond ♥️ this place repeatedly hits the eternal Thailand-shaped spot everyone sports inside, and it's become one of my favorite eateries in Hongdae. We got the soft-shelled crab yet again, but decided to venture out of our comfort zone (it took some wily convincing on my part...) with our second dish, which was a spicy and lemony ground pork salad of sorts. The pork was out of this world; I don't normally like minced meat in general, but every bite was like an emphatic smack in the mouth with so much flavor, provided by the cilantro and Thai-esque spices. It's on the spicier side, as evinced by the trail of empty water bottles on our table left in my wake. The soft-shelled crab was perfect, although not quite as unforgettable as the first time I had it. What remained the same from my last visit, however, was the immense portions. An enthusiastic and rousing two thumbs up for this spot.

  • Tasty
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    193 98

    Everything order tasted really good and well made. Spicy with a lot flavor so you just keep on eating. My favorite dish was the soft shell crab covered in a curry style sauce that went perfect with the white rice.

  • So so
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    5 2

    I had a chicken Pad Thai. It was sweet and sour type though I wish it was a bit spicy. I am not sure if all the Pad Thai are supposed to be sweet or not. The Pad Thai i had in Bangkok has a bit of specimens in it. But the Pad Thai here is much better than the ones from the United States. I have to try their Tom Yum and curry to recommend whether I really enjoyed dining here or not. On the other hand, the restaurant atmosphere is relaxing with minimum noise level. I would come here to try other menu.

  • Tasty
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    6 3

    I stopped in for a solo lunch and I am so glad I made the trip. I enjoyed a plate of Pad See Eew with chicken for lunch and it was absolutely delicious. I always order Pad See Eew at new Thai restaurants and if it's great, I'll be back. This was definitely worth having again. The portion size was also quite sizable considering it was only 7,000 won. If you're in the area and love Thai food, make sure to give this a try.

  • Tasty
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    512 497

    Great lunch deal for 7000won if you are around the area.

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