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Address: 645-1, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone Number: 02-540-1330
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: More than 40,000 Won
Parking: Valet Parking
Business Hours: 12:00 - 22:00
Break Time: 15:00 - 17:30
Day Off: Mon

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  • Tasty
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    For literally being one of my last choices, Grano exceeded my expectations somewhat (just an aside: why are all the good restaurants in this area always booked to the max like please everyone just go somewhere else besides Dosan Park i want to try it out as well T__T) my friend and I were suffering from major hangry symptoms, and a pasta and pizza were more than enough to stave off any such aforementioned hanger for a good 12 hours. Our food came out really quickly, which was surprising and suspicion-inducing (?) The complimentary bread was, as indicated by many reviews, quite oily. On to the mackerel pasta: good, oil-based, with sizable chunks of fish. Inadequacy in the number of sun-dried tomatoes left me v sad :((( the black pork pizza (? I think it was this) was adequately salty from the meat bits, and cheesy (although it congealed quickly durrr) not that many complicated flavors or complex foodgasm moments to be had; just traditional Italian at its best in Seoul. Also surprise surprise it was a lot more affordable than I had anticipated: pasta, pizza, and a bottle of wine (monsieur sommelier-recommended honhon) for 80 thousand won each.

  • Tasty
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    sugar rush❤️

    68 48

    I have been coming here since they opened in 2008. And yes, it's true that the food here is quite salty but I think that's what keeps people like me coming back for more. The servers here always say that it's the "authentic" Italian taste from Sicily where chef Sortino is from that is supposed to have this strong flavor but I'm afraid that is not true from my travels to Italy. Their food is good for my palate and I could care less about it being too salty or not :P

  • Tasty
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    647 896

    Food was excellent and the staff was very knowledgeable w food. Artichoke pizza, pasta, fish, steak (served with six different sauces to try) were all excellent. Pasta was on a slightly salty side though. Fantastic experience overall and highly recommend.

  • So so
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    Mark K

    449 295

    Had truffle pasta for lunch with a glass of house wine. Pasta was very good overall having that nice truffle flavor and aroma. However, the regular amount of truffles (about 3g) was not enough to taste the balanced truffle flavor all around. I should've added extra truffles (+2~3g) for additional ₩25,000.. but then it would've turned out to be a ₩69,000 pasta. Good thing that truffle oil made up for that truffle shortage. House wine was pretty good when it sat for about 15~20 min or so.

  • So so
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    Yoon-Ji Han

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    We came here for lunch one day and ordered the truffle pasta and the pork ragu pasta to share. The truffle pasta was rich and creamy, with a lovely truffle flavour. The pasta itself is cooked al dente, and has a great texture. The pork pasta was good, but way too salty! I ended up downing 3 glasses of water during the meal. While the food is good, I wish they would scale down on the salt. Otherwise, I'm not sure if I would come back, since there are so many other Italian places around the area.

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