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This Privacy Policy (“the Terms”) describes the policies of MangoPlate Inc. (“MangoPlate,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) on the collection of your information for your use of our Service, including our mobile/ PC website (“the Site”) and mobile application (“the Service”). Your information(“the Personal Information”) means, but not limited to, any information (which may also include sensitive information) that can be used to identify individuals or users. The Privacy Policy is open to the public at all times so you may read the full text of the Privacy Policy whenever you need to do so. We will notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy to ensure that you understand the details of and reasons for such changes.

1. Purpose of Collecting Information

We collect Personal Information primarily in order to provide the Service. Collected information will only be used for the following reasons, and the “Company” will notify you if any of the purposes change and ask for consent in advance.

  1. a) To approve user sign up and verify user identity according to a restrictive identification system before providing the Services.
  2. b) To prevent the abuse of the Service and inform users of various important notices.
  3. c) To handle or record any customer complaints and resolve Disputes.
  4. d) To contact and notify Users regarding the investigation and result of complaints or dispute.
  5. e) To verify user identity in order to provide the Service of the product.
  6. f) To provide Users with customized Service when developing a new Service or Product.
  7. g) To increase the effectiveness of advertisements and target the advertising content that the User sees through the extraction of details of Personal Information.
  8. h) To compile statistics on the Service regarding the behavior pattern of Users or frequencies of user access during events.
  9. i) To prevent or investigate crime, regulate traffic, and collect and analyze traffic information.

2. List of Collected Information and Retaining Period

Personal Information, which the “Company” registers or provides according to the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 32, is as follows. The “Company” may store and retain collected Personal Information from the “User” according to related laws with consent from the “User.”

  1. a) Personal Information is collected such as the User’s password, login ID, phone number, name, e-mail address, login IP address, cookies, record of service usage, and record of access log, through service or written form. This is to provide service to the “User,” and as such, the Information gathered will be retained for a semi-permanent period according to related laws.
  2. b) The retaining period for various items of Personal Information is as following:
    1. 1) Record of customer complaints and resolution of disputes: 3 years
    2. 2) Record of using, collecting, and processing credit information: 3 years
    3. 3) Records of payment and supply of goods: 5 years
    4. 4) Record of contracts and withdrawal of offers: 5 years
    5. 5) Records on display and advertisements: 6 months

3. Third parties

The “Company” shall not disclose Personal Information to Third Parties except when required by applicable laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, Articles 17 and 18.

4. Consignment of the Information

The “Company” may commit collected personal information processing to consignor yet there is no consignor for handling related work for neither “company” nor “service”. In case of any change, “company” will notify immediately to user.

5. Rights and Obligation of User

As the rightful owner of his or her Personal Information, the “User, can exercise the following rights.

  1. a) The “User” can request or exercise his or her right to protect Personal Information at any time in the following cases:
    1. 1) Request to check or view
    2. 2) Request to edit information
    3. 3) Request to delete or withdraw his or her consent for collecting personal information on the Service
    4. 4) Request to stop or terminate the processing of Personal Information
  2. b) Listed rights can be exercised via various communication methods, such as by fax, e-mail. The “Company” will take action without any delay.
  3. c) In the event where the “User” has requested to revise, update, or delete his or her Personal Information, the “Company” does not use or provide said Personal Information until the information is revised, updated, or deleted.
  4. d) Listed rights can be exercised through a deputy, legal representative, or delegating person by submitting to the power of attorney, according to the Enforcement Rules to Personal Information Protection Act, Appendix No.11 form.

6. List of processing personal information

  1. a) Mandatory: information, status of Personal Information file or data, period for storing or processing Personal Information, the owner’s rights and methods with which to exercise them, and obligations, list of Personal Information processed by the Service, items of Personal Information, discard of personal information, contact information, modification of the Policy, and Security of the data.
  2. b) Selective: civil remedy for infringement on rights and interests

7. Discard

Your Personal Information will be discarded without delay after fulfilling the purpose of Collection and Usage. The Process, Deadline, and manner through which Personal Information is discarded as follows:

  1. a) Process : Personal Information consented by the “User” will be placed in either a separate database or a separate form of documents after fulfilling its purpose and retained for a certain period of time before being discarded. The discarded Personal Information shall not be used for any other purpose except under applicable laws and regulation.
  2. b) Period: All information will be discarded within 5 days after the retaining period expires, or the Information has fulfilled its purpose. This shall also be the case if the Service or Company closes, or any other events arise wherein the collected Information is no longer needed
  3. c) Means: Paper records shall either be shredded or incinerated, and electronic records shall be discarded in an irreversible manner using technical methods.
  4. d) Dormant Account Policy: Any account on the Service provided by the Company that has not been accessed for a year will be considered as a dormant account, and the personal information of the account will be stored and managed separately. The “Company” will notify the User of this change 30 days in advance by e-mail. The “Company” shall not use or provide any Personal Information from a dormant account to anyone but you and the Information will be discarded after a certain period of time according to related laws. However, the dormant account can always be retrieved upon request from the User if the Information has not been discarded.

8. Security

The “Company” shall provide the following technical, managerial, and physical means to secure User Safety according to the Personal Information Protection Article 29:

  1. a) The “Company” provides internal training on its Privacy Policy and minimizes employees handling Personal Information.
  2. b) The “Company” is conduct regular inspection every quarter to secure Collected Information.
  3. c) The “Company” shall establish an internal plan and implement such actions to secure User Safety.
  4. d) The “Company” encode collected personal information of user in storing and managing that only you can access or review your information and classified data is protected with additional security such as encode transfer data or file or lock the files.
  5. e) The “Company” has installed a security program to prevent any leaks or damage to Personal Information from hacking or viruses and built a system in a restricted area to monitor and block such external detrimental factors.
  6. f) By granting, alternating, and expiring the access permit to the Database System that processes Personal Information, the “Company” takes necessary measures to limit access to Personal Information and implement firewall to control any unauthorized access from the outside.
  7. g) Any record or access to the Personal Information process system is stored and managed for at least 6 months, and protected by secure means to prevent any forgery, loss, or theft.
  8. h) Any documents or secondary storage medium are stored securely in a safe with a lock device.
  9. i) The “Company” is planning process and operating physically separated location to store personal information safely stored.

9. Contact Information

Please contact our Personal Information Department for all your complaints, inquiries, comments or requests concerning your Information in connection with our Service. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns in a timely manner.

Customer Service Center
Contact: +822-565-5988,

10. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

The Company may revise or modify this Privacy Policy. If we make any material changes to our Policy, we will notify you on our Service or send out an e-mail prior to the effective date of the changes.

Date of Announcement: July 19, 2016

Date of Implementation: July 19, 2016

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